Awana Store

A highlight for Sparky and T&T Clubbers is the Awana Store! Throughout the year, Clubbers earn Awana Bucks each week as they work through their handbooks and participate. These Awana bucks may be spent at each of the four Awana Stores.

2017-2018 Awana Store Dates: October 18, December 13, February 7, and April 25

Clubbers are required to keep track of their own Awana Bucks. If they lose them, they will NOT be replaced. Each clubber will get an envelope that they will be instructed to put in their bag to store their Awana Bucks. If your child does not have an envelope, have them talk to the secretaries when they check-in.

Clubbers earn Awana bucks in the following ways:

Earn 1 Awana Buck for each of the following:

Wearing tennis shoes-that tie and stay on their feet. (This is to avoid shoes falling off during game time and kids tripping.)
Wearing their uniform shirt and name tag
Participating in the theme
Arrive on time
Bring book/Bible (T&T must bring their Bible. Sparks are not required to bring their Bible, but are encouraged to do so.)
Each section passed (They earn double bucks if the parent initials the section pageindicating they worked on the section at home with the clubber)

Other ways to earn Awana Bucks:

$5 for completing a Jewel, Challenge or Discovery

T&T kids earn $5 for silvers and golds. (Silvers can be doubled with a parent initials indicating they worked on the section at home with the clubber.)

$10 for finishing their book
Good behavior*
Being attentive during council time*
Being a good sportsman during game time*
Being a good helper*
*Leaders will hand these out freely as they see these things happening

Store Donations: We accept new items as donations for the Awana Store.