Important Awana Information

Time: Awana starts at Village at 6:25 sharp! Please have your kids to the church a few minutes early so they can get checked in.

Emails: Each week you should receive an email reminding you of the theme for the week. Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you are not receiving these emails.

Visit Awana: Parents are welcome to attend Awana any Wednesday evening with your children! Please check in with the Awana Secretaries who will get you a guest name tag.

Friends: Your clubber may bring a friend to Awana any Wednesday night throughout the year. We do have "Bring a Friend" nights periodically, to encourage your students to bring friends. Please note that for safety reason, a friend or visiting student must be registered by the 4th time they attend Village Awana.

Missions: Each week we collect Money for Missions!!

Supplies: The first set of supplies your student receives, shirt or vest and handbook, will be provided free of charge. Students will be charged for all replacement books and shirts. You will need to pay for a replacement book or shirt before you will receive them.

Check-Out: Parents, and those you have authorized, are the only people allowed to pick up a child. This authorization was/is listed on your child's registration form. Clubbers will be held in the Commons after the evening is over until they are checked out. Please come in to the Commons to sign your child out, as they will not be allowed to leave until someone signs them out. If you need to add or change the names of people that are authorized to pick up your child, please see the secretaries at the secretary table, or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Donations: Village Awana is a donation-based program. A donation bucket is available at the check-in desk at Awana each week. Donations are not mandatory! However, it costs about $50.00 for a student to participate in a year of Awana, but in no way are you required to donate. Please only donate when you can, what you can and if you can.

Blue Bags: Each clubber receives a blue bag with their name on it at the beginning of the year. This bag is for their book, Bible, name tag and any other information the clubber needs or gets. Blue Bags are replaced free of charge. It makes it easier on leaders and clubbers to identify bags if your child decorates their bag by adding ribbons or pins.

Clothing: Clubbers must wear their uniform and tennis shoes each night.

Bibles: T&T Clubbers are required to bring Bibles. If your student does not have a Bible, we have some available or we recommend purchasing the ESV Following Jesus Bible

Weather: Living in Minnesota, we are always at the mercy of the weather. If the roads or weather are dangerous, a decision to cancel Awana will be made by 4pm on Wednesday and all families will be contacted by email or you can check the Village Awana website regarding any cancellation.

Special Events: